Gr8 Living Tiny RV's

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In a market where consumers are relying on the skills and integrity of the builders themselves.  You have picked the right couple of guys to serve you. Gabe and Toby Frates do all building and installations themselves. They build custom metal accents to achieve a modern rustic look.  We use solid wood materials in our millwork and top of the line stainless appliances to complete a very home like feel.   The quality and craftsmanship of Gr8 Living Tiny trailers is evident in every one of a kind model.

Current living tiny RV project

Bee Busy Living
This Trailer is available to for private viewing and will be displayed at The Great american Tiny house show, March 23rd and 24th.
Call for details! 970-531-6611

  1. Sand blasted
    Sand blasted
    Grampa Ron's Busy bee line trailer. Stamped USA steel!
  2. Final coat
    Final coat
  3. Primer
  4. Floor Framing
    Floor Framing
    Enclosure made with fire treated 5/8 in plywood
  5. Sewer installed
    Sewer installed
    Water and sewer lines ran through floor to protect structure and shear strength of the walls.
  6. Water lines
    Water lines
    All copper and brass fittings used. Systems pressure tested per RVIA (Recreation Vehicle Industry Association) specifications.
  7. Sub Floor
    Sub Floor
    3/4 in Sub floor screwed on with 1 5/8 and 2 1/2 in screws on a 4X10 pattern
  8. Sewer/ trailer floor enclosure
    Sewer/ trailer floor enclosure
    Drainage is ready for hookup to a septic tank, RV or residential sewage system
  9. Framing walls
    Framing walls
    All framing is screwed together with exterior grade 3 inch star drive. Plywood is all attached with 1 5/8 in exterior grade screws at a 3/10 pattern.
  10. wall hardware
    wall hardware
    All appropriate hardware nailed on with exterior grade ticos. All tico nails are framed over with wood to prevent backout.
  11. Walls are standing
    Walls are standing
    Gabe and I stood these walls, just the two of us. My back still remembers the day well
  12. Loft beam
    Loft beam
    Loft beam is custom made by Gabe out of a broken larger beam of douglas fir. It is built into the framing for extra shear rating.
  13. Beam post
    Beam post
    This frames the entrance to the loft space. plywood roof was temporary. (Snowed 6 inches that night.)
  14. Roof joists
    Roof joists
    We really wanted to have a little bit of an eave for our design. Exterior dimensions did not allow for the eave. :(
  15. Inlay T&G
    Inlay T&G
    This Inlay feature is going to look amazing! Grey stained pine over douglas fir rafters.
  16. Inlay roof DONE
    Inlay roof DONE
    Many of our materials are reused or repurposed with like products and matching materials.
  17. Roof Insulation
    Roof Insulation
    This thin reflective bubble insulation offered a r-21 rating when double layered. we used reflective insulation tape to make two complete and sealed layers between the T&G and 5/8 in plywood.
  18. Roof sheeting
    Roof sheeting
    5/8 in plywood, NO PARTICLE BOARD!! This roof is really strong. It can be used as a roof deck.
  19. Weather proofing
    Weather proofing
    Grace does the job with a little help from our heat gun.
  20. Roof dried in
    Roof dried in
    Flashing is in, we areready for tin. :)
  21. Loft inlay
    Loft inlay
    Loft floor is one layer T&G pine one layer 5/8 in fire rated plywood.
  22. Elecrical
    Breaker box in place.
  23. Electric lines in
    Electric lines in
    All wiring and plugs tested and passed per RVIA specifications
  24. Breaker box
    Breaker box
    A clean box is always nice :)
  25. Bathroom view
    Bathroom view
    All switches and plugs installed. Entertainment system wiring installed.
  26. Entry knee wall
    Entry knee wall
    This wall has soo many wires. LED lights separate for kitchen and living space. One USB charging plug at couch is conveniently placed.
  27. Wall insulation
    Wall insulation
    Fiberglass.. Done.
  28. Air barriers
    Air barriers
    All windows and seams are sealed with spray foam prior to insulation. For floor fire rated foam was used.
  29. Sub floor insulation
    Sub floor insulation
    To protect them from cold and heat the plumbing and water lines are ran on top the insulation
  30. Tyvek time
    Tyvek time
    windows cut out , tyvek started.
  31. Tyvek Seams taped
    Tyvek Seams taped
    We tried to seal the plywood at every seam so we are intending for this to be a second air barrier.
  32. Windows
    Unfortunately Toby broke one of the windows so we have to wait a couple more weeks to get a replacement.
  33. It's Alive!
    It's Alive!
    Interior plugs are now functional. Even the nightlight in the bathroom ;)
  34. Interior view
    Interior view
    We are almost ready for finishes.
  35. Pine T&G
    Pine T&G
    Pine T&G is ready for primer. It is a shame to cover this nice wood with paint but there will be much nicer wood to come.
  36. Primer
    First coat of primer. Edges and seams caulked.
  37. Shower rough in
    Shower rough in
    32x32 shower is ready for tile. That's a big shower!
  38. Under couch storage
    Under couch storage
    This is so cool. It also includes a built in entertainment space with high speed HDMI cable to tv plug.
  39. Pine Siding
    Pine Siding
    Drywall would be nice but not road savvy. This will finish out perfectly.
  40. Built in couch
    Built in couch
    mmmhmm ... Couch!
  41. 1000+ year old bristle cone wainscot
    1000+ year old bristle cone wainscot
    Custom milled by the Amish and finished milled by Gabe this wood died in a fire 100's of years ago when it was over 1000 years old. One of a kind, I would say will never find anything like it.
  42. Knob and lock installed on front door
    Knob and lock installed on front door
    Bravura brand solid brass entry.
  43. Trim around all windows and doors
    Trim around all windows and doors
    All solid pine trim is used to accent the windows and doors.
  44. Shower tile and grout completed
    Shower tile and grout completed
    White subway tile with porcelain corner shelf.
  45. Washer/dryer cabinet
    Washer/dryer cabinet
    Custom cabinet built to hold single unit washer/dryer that re condenses dryer steam. Landing built with re-purposed poplar.
  46. kitchen cabinets
    kitchen cabinets
    Custom cabinets provide plenty of extra storage space. Silent closing drawers and cabinets all solid wood.
  47. Bathroom Door Refinish
    Bathroom Door Refinish
    This 24in Door was found in my garage rafters it was the bathroom door on this old house. Now it will be our tiny home bathroom door.
  48. Mini-split Heater A/C unit on custom mount
    Mini-split Heater A/C unit on custom mount
    Gabe built this custom rack out of an upcycled bed frame. The LG min-split is only 15amps and runs nearly silent.
  49. Ucycled tank rack staircase
    Ucycled tank rack staircase
    These stairs and landing are all made of a rail car tank rack found in a ditch in the San Luis Valley here in Colorado.
  50. Quartz counter and back splash installed
    Quartz counter and back splash installed
    This kitchen is really coming together with this grout free back-splash and sparkly quartz counter.
  51. Our tiny home is ready to tow to your new home. :)
    Our tiny home is ready to tow to your new home. :)
  52. All finish work is complete. Solid pine trim painted with 5 coats sherwin williams best.
    All finish work is complete. Solid pine trim painted with 5 coats sherwin williams best.
  53. The finish on the floor and stairs looks flawless.
    The finish on the floor and stairs looks flawless.

Living Tiny Prices

GR8 living Features

These homes come out GR8 because we use high quality products and top quality manufacturing and building recomendations. To start  we use no particle board on our trailers. Nails are not used in the framing or sheating. All exterior grade screws are used.  All seams are foam sealed. Water and sewer pressure tested prior to closure of walls and floor. Galvinized steel and solid cedar siding are our choices for longevity.  All our Trailers come with a one year bumper to bumper warranty.
Base trailer starts at 20 ft long 13 feet tall.  Trailer comes ready to live in, less a mattress.
These trailers are top of the line. Come stock with hard wood floors, stainless appliances, tile shower with full size bathroom. Built in entertainment dock and usb plug. All LED lighting with high efficiency Rinnai LP 6gpm water heater to power your optional washer/dryer combo. Large window layout and fine and real wood finishes.  

Starting at $60,000