We Are...Tree Specialists
Our solid reputation for customer satisfaction is achieved through quality work, attention to detail and prompt service. Our mission is to provide professional, courteous service and quality workmanship to every customer.
All of our services are custom designed which is why we offer free estimates to our customers.   Only the Two Frates brothers show up and provide superior tree care service and answer any of your questions.  It is their goal to provide assistance as promptly and efficiently as possible.  The brothers utilize the latest tree care tools and safety equipment to professionally handle any job.  They are proud to be known for their quality work and professional standards. Specializing in general tree care including:

Tree Trimming and Pruning
Large and Dangerous Tree Removal
View Trimming
Lot Clearing
Hedge Trimming and Removal

Gabe and Toby are both skilled arborists. When they show up they will be sure to safetly rope the branches and logs down to the ground to protect your home and investments.  When removing trees Gabe and Toby always respect and protect your pets and wildlife.  All brush and wood products are hauled away to be chipped and completely recycled.  The Frates brothers take great pride in their work and the cleanup after each job is always thorough.  They have earned an excellent reputation and stand behind their work 100 percent. With 30 years of experience, friendly attitude, superb references and commitment—you can be confident that you will be pleased with the results  of using GR8 work tree services.

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  1. Before
    Major tree trimming and removal much of the cottonwood on the right was overhanging the residence.
  2. After
    After the trees were removed we built a new privacy fence on both sides
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